My Girls

Hi, my name is Brad Denver and I am a web developer based in Victoria, Australia.

My day job is a Senior Web Developer for a major Australian telco working on various intranet applications. I work in CSS (Bootstrap, LESS) / HTML / JS (AMD, Backbone.js, jQuery, RequireJS, Undersore), MySQL, PHP and SVN on a daily basis.

As my work mostly involves developing tooling for customer service I have a great appreciation for quality tools and services. When I have the the choice my current toolkit includes: Chrome, Evernote, Git/GitHub, MacBook Air, Vim and zendone. I am always interested in new tools and approaches and enjoy the challenge of implementing features in my own work.

Outside of work I am always reading about or playing with any of the above technologies plus the many other areas of the web that facinate me including: accessibility, Node.js (Bower, GruntJS), Rails/Ruby and Web Performance.

Most importantly I am the father to my two amazing little girls Lola and Scarlett and husband to my beautiful wife Louisa.