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Learnable Programming - Pique of the Week

This weeks #piqueOfTheWeek is Learnable Programming by Bret Victor. Its a long read but well and truly worth it.

Everything Changes But You - Pique of the Week

This weeks #piqueOfTheWeek is a great article by @benhowdle, Everything Changes But You.

Maybe Haskell - Pique of the Week

It was only a matter of time before I picked up a functional language. If I had to place a bet my money would have been on Clojure but the @thoughtbot Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast led me to Haskell.

Potential - Pique of the Week

Having just accepted a role at SitePoint hiring/being hired is something thats been on my mind the last few weeks. So on that theme this weeks “Pique of the Week” is The person they’ll become by Jason Fried. Its an oldie but a goodie.

My long comfortable ride at Optus

For the past fourteen years (almost fifteen including my time as a temp) I have worked at Optus which is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia. That time is shortly coming to an end.

Graph Databases - Pique of the Week

My second “Pique of the Week” is Discover Graph Databases with Neo4j and PHP by Christophe Willemsen.

A11y - Pique of the Week

For my first ever “Pique of the Week” I’m picking a great article by Vigets Josh Korr, An Uncomfortable Missing Part of the Accessibility Discussion.

Pique of the Week

I’ve been meaning to start this series for a while but this week I have finally gotten around to it.

React Static Site

I built a doubly static site using React (inc react-router) and Webpack. You can see the current demo here on GitHub or continue reading the following post that explains the steps I took during this experiment. This post proves the basic concept and there will be a followup post covering the fine tuning needed to put this into production.

MacRumors: An Unnecessary Defence

Apple is awesome and I follow MacRumors because I find all that awesome addictively interesting. However recently I felt that articles with anything negative about Apple came with something else, an unnecessary defence of Apple as if Apple itself was writing the article.

Its About Time

I've been meaning to start blogging for a long time and now I have finally gotten around to it. The real inspiration that finally got me going was my recent move into the command line. My what? Well let me explain...