Apple is awesome and I follow MacRumors because I find all that awesome addictively interesting. However recently I felt that articles with anything negative about Apple came with something else, an unnecessary defence of Apple as if Apple itself was writing the article.

Case 1: Finnish Prime Minister Again 'Blames' Apple for Country's Economic Struggles

Case 2: Bendgate and the end of article disclaimers

To prevent bending, iPhone 6 Plus owners may want to remove their iPhones from their pockets before sitting or bending. If a pocket is unavoidable, then customers may want to place their device in a roomier pocket that allows the device to slide out the way. A rigid case may also provide protection from flexing or bending, as well damage from dropping the device.

Maybe this perception was just due to me tiring of my employers endless propaganda. Certainly this defensive trend was not present in coverage of the iOS 8.0.1 debacle and when I did a quick review of the archives I didn’t find much evidence to back this claim, but like a current affairs reporter I decided to post anyway.

So it turns out this post is like so many main stream media articles these days. It has a sensationalist title before going on to disprove itself. Unlike those articles I will try to compensate you for reading this far with the following gem.

I recently discovered Circa News. It’s a beautiful app full of well written news and has some great features like the ability to follow a story. Circa have done a great job and if it was Aus focussed it would probably be my most used app. Check it out.

Circa is a media organization that enables readers to more easily consume, engage with, and follow the day’s news by delivering comprehensive yet to-the-point coverage in a format tailored specifically for mobile lifestyles. With its signature “Follow” feature, Circa is the first news organization to provide readers with the ability to engage with specific stories they care most about by receiving timely updates as they develop. Circa’s experience provides the key aspects of the news (facts, stats, quotes, events, and images) in a succinct way to deliver its readers the world’s current events for digesting in just a matter of minutes.

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