This weeks #piqueOfTheWeek is a great article by @benhowdle, Everything Changes But You.

Backbone has served me well in recent years but for me React has been a game changer and I have chased it hard. React sits well with me and I feel it's heading in a direction that I want to go. It has spurred on my interest in Functional Programming. My current direction might be different from Bens but that's OK. Neither of us have to be right or wrong and that's a beautiful thing.

I think one of the most important skills in web development is staying open to new things without chasing everything. My resume says

“I have a knack for picking the right tools to introduce to the teams that I work in without the disruption that can come from trying every new fad.”

That statement is in there as I think it is one of the most important skills that I bring. Its arguably more import than knowledge of framework X. Unlike a given framework it's something you can only learn with time and experience.

Being comfortable saying “I don't know” is really important and is a really empowering feeling. You are saying I am valuable with the knowledge I currently have even though there are things I don't know.

I have a similar feeling about saying no. Just like “I don't know” is open to becoming “I can learn that”, “no” is open to being a future yes. I don't feel bad saying no to things. I feel terrible saying yes when I don’t mean it or doubt I can deliver it. A no from me is an indication of my current feeling. It lets you know where I currently stand but in a conversation it is also my invite to you to explain your current standing. You or I might end up changing our stance or meeting in the middle. You can't meet in the middle if you don't know where the other person is. I feel that often “no but” can be more constructive than “yes and”.

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