It was only a matter of time before I picked up a functional language. If I had to place a bet my money would have been on Clojure but the @thoughtbot Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast led me to Haskell.

I am excited to learn a new language and know there are benefits from learning concepts even if I don't use the language directly but as always my concern is if that is the best use of my time. A new language can be a giant rabbit hole that could take time away from the things I use every day. React in particular is exploding right now so I have no shortage of interesting things to investigate.

In episdode 137 of Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots Ben Orenstein talks to Pat Brisbin about his new book Maybe Haskell. This book is perfect for me as it gives me a taste of Haskell and a solid starting point without having to go all in.

An added bonus is that the lead developer I am about to start working with has a background in Haskell. Any knowledge I gain should help get on the same page as him.

Have I mentioned much that I am so, so excited to start my new role at SitePoint. I feel that joining SitePoint comes with great expectations of me. That's exactly what I wanted but still a little bit scary. I have not felt that way for a while and it reminds me of working with @commonchefs. I miss that. Thanks for pushing me back then Macca.

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